4 years and 9 books later…

I am so excited! 
Today marks my 4th anniversary as a published author. 

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students came out on October 1, 2010. I remember the day distinctly. It was a small little educational title that was supposed to sell in a tiny niche. My agent at that time was Krista Goering. She believed in the product, and I believed in her. So I promised myself I would do anything and everything possible to make this book a success. I scheduled a twitter party (Thank you Deborah Mersino) for #GTCHAT, had a blog tour and a signing, not to mention book chats scattered throughout the week, and BAM…..

the book was completely sold out on day 1. Seriously.

That day changed my life!

For the first time, this dream of being published was a reality. I felt on top of the world, like nothing could possibly get in my way or stop me. It is a feeling I return to anytime I question my sanity for staying in this business.

Since that amazing day, I have published three more nonfiction titles with my amazing editor Lacy Compton and the team at Prufrock Press, including 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids, the Girl Guide, and most recently Quiet Kids. With their help, another two titles – Raising the Shy Child and I’m Not just Gifted – will be coming in the first six months of 2015. These titles have also led to publishing opportunities with Tiger Beat magazine, Justine Magazine, Parents, Johnson & Johnson and others. I can’t say how excited and life fulfilling it has all been.

In addition to the non-fiction fun, Krista was encouraging with my fiction (an area she did not represent but supported as I tried to find my niche in the very crowded YA market.) I started publishing my fiction in 2012, first through Heather McCorkle’s HUGE help, and then on my own. Drawing on the love and support of my early CPs and writing buds: Elana Johnson, Ali Cross, Michelle McLean and Julie Butcher, I honed my craft until finally, I published the Requiem series, including Lacrimosa, Libera Me, Dominus and the shorts Dies Irae and Mea Culpa. Countless other writers helped along the way, as well as bloggers and fans.

The Requiem series was followed by my thrillers, Transcend and, most recently, Collide. For those keep count, that’s a total of 9 books, 2 shorts and countless articles.

How did that even happen…

Along the way, paths have changed, goals have shifted, friendships morphed. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve nearly quit at least a million times. And I’ve lost and found my voice.

Now, as I entered my fifth year as a published author (and my seventh year writing with the intent to publish), I understand that everything cycles back to the stories too loud to stay quietly present in my head, stories and self-help that is meant to inspire and transcend….this is why I am still here. No, I have not reached my goals. Actually, I’m not even close in some respects. But I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished and what is on the horizon!

I want to thank all of you for sticking with me. I’ve never been the popular girl, the one on the “in”, the one others looked up to.. but with this tribe of writers, I have at least found my voice, my place, my peeps.

I promise to keep the stories coming, to bring more adventure and more love. I promise to tackle the hard topics and continue to make authenticity the norm we all strive for. And I promise to lead by example and honestly approach the next four years with the same passion I’ve tried to maintain and inspire since the beginning!

HUGS, and thanks for making the dream that is my life a reality. :D

Happy Valentine’s and a GIVEAWAY!

Hi all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day. I have really enjoyed reading this months posts related to the heart and being gifted.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed it SO MUCH – and enjoyed the wonderful conversations that have been happening on the blog so much that I’ve decided to offer a little giveaway for the long weekend.

From now until Monday, 2/18, I will be hosting a giveaway for a print copy of IF I’M SO SMART, WHY AREN’T THE ANSWERS EASY???

Here is a little bit about the book:

Based on surveys with more than 5,000 gifted young adults, If I’m So Smart, Why Aren’t the Answers Easy? sheds light on the day-to-day experiences of those growing up gifted. In their own enlightening words, teens share their experiences with giftedness, including friendships and fitting in with peers, school struggles and successes, and worries about the future. By allowing teens to share their real-life stories, the book gives readers a self-study guide to the successes and pitfalls of being gifted in a world not always open to their unique and diverse needs. Teens will be able to reflect on their own experiences through the engaging journal prompts included in the book, and their parents and teachers will enjoy hearing directly from other students about the topics gifted teens face daily.

Entering is easy – just leave a comment on THIS post between now and Monday, Feb 18. I will pick one random commenter to win. Easy Peasy, right.

Good luck and be sure to spread the word (and leave another comment each time you do!).

And have a wonderful Valentine’s and President’s Day weekend!

Rare Weekend Post Part II

So, it has been a crazy week with surprise releases (Check out my other blog for that story), 50+ hour days and being way past due on my manuscript turn in. It has also brought a little news about The Girl Guide that I am allowed to share….


Not the final final cover, but one that is pretty darn close.

So… what do you guys think?


Better Late Than Never…

Well, today has come…and gone…and yea. I was supposed to post the September BTS giveaway winners and post a book review. #FAIL!!!

I have been insanely swamped with work, the release of a novel and the edits of The Girl Guide.

But, here I am, with the winners. That’s something, right…

So without further adieu, I present the Annotated Galley Winners:

LORI – Annotated unbound galley of Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students (with my notes)

BETSY ICKES – Annotated unbound galley of 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids (with my notes)


back to the editing cave I go…

A Rare Weekend Post

Yes, I know. I don’t typically post on the weekend. But I received exciting news and just had to share.

For those of you who have seen my recent status updates and such around the web, you know that I have a nonfiction book for girls coming out in the Spring from Prufrock Press. You may also know that I have been deep in “find a title” mode with the book. That and trying to finish up the manuscript.

I am happy to tell you all that a little progress has been made. I now have a title. And a working backcover blurb. And a release date.

And a cover…

But more on that later.

For this weekend, as I desperately try to finish up the manuscript and hit “send”, I wanted to share the title and blurb.

So….*cue drum roll*

May I present my latest nonfiction project:

Title: The Girl Guide: Finding Your Place in a Mixed-Up World

Release Date: April 1, 2013


Finding your unique voice in a noisy world can be hard. Very hard. But not if you have a great guide! “The Girl Guide: Finding Your Place in a Mixed-Up World” is a must read for girls in grades 6-9 as they enter the tumultuous world of adolescence. Packed with fun worksheets and quizzes, as well as stories from older girls and women, “The Girl Guide” covers everything a teenage girl needs to know on the journey toward her own identity. Proven strategies for dealing with stress management, confronting relational aggression, being safe online, navigating the changing mother-daughter relationship, and more make this the ultimate guide for any girl to get through the teen years and discover her unique point of view in the world. 

Now…the cover news…

After taking a lot of notes from parents and girls, we have a cover. Sadly, it’ll be a few days until I can share it. But…trust me, when I can it’ll be giveaway time yet again.

Speaking of giveaways – The giveaway for the annotated galleys from my first two nonfiction books, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students and 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids, is still happening. Check it out and enter the giveaway while you can. It closes on 9/11/2012. 

I am really exciting for The Girl Guide. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

4 Books About Friendships for Young Kids

Welcome to our first Book Review of the new year. For this post, educational writer Barbara Jolie brings four books about friendship for younger readers. Take it away Barbara:

Back to school is an exciting time for everyone; new classes, new teachers, new clothes and new responsibilities. Sometimes our friendships are even new. Learning how to be a good friend is one of the most difficult, yet least talked about, parts of growing up, and parents often don’t know how to react when their children experience social issues at school.

There are several children’s books that cover the topic of friendship and can help your child work through the ups and downs of making and keeping friends. Below are four top-rated examples.

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles

This book, written by Patti Kelley Criswell, comes from the American Girl Library and has received top ratings from both parents and young readers (ages 8-12). Whether your child is having trouble keeping friends or making friends, “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles” has them covered. Along with helpful tips on how to deal with bullying, backstabbing, being left out and making new friends, the book also includes real life stories about girls who have solved their friendship problems.


Friendship according to Humphrey

Written by Betty G. Birney, “Friendship according to Humphrey” is part two of the “Humphrey” series. The book tells the story of Humphrey, a classroom pet hamster, who is trying to make friends with the new classroom pet frog, Og. Og doesn’t seem too interested in getting to know Humphrey, though, and to top it off, all the kids in the class have stopped giving Humphrey all the attention. This book will teach your child what to do when someone isn’t so friendly at first, and how to deal with losing all the attention when a new, more interesting person joins the group. Published by Penguin Group USA. For ages 8-12.

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship

This short narration by Edward Hemingway is perfect for pre-school and kindergarten students. With simple sentences and endearing illustrations, “Bad Apple” tells the easy-to-understand story of Mac the apple and Will the worm. Mac and Will are great friends, but everyone keeps telling Mac that apples aren’t supposed to be friends with worms. They call Mac “rotten” and “bad”. Mac isn’t quite sure what the truth is, but he sure knows that it isn’t fun to be alone and friendless. Young children won’t have any trouble understanding the lessons taught in the conclusion of this slightly humorous and sweet story.

Making Friends is an Art!

Written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Bridget Barnes, “Making Friends is an Art!” explains how to make new friends in a very cute and genius way. The book tells the tale of Brown, the least used pencil in the box. One day, Brown asks all the other brightly colored pencils in the box why no one likes him. Turns out, Brown just needs to be a good friend to have friends. The book continues with all the pencils helping Brown learn how to use his good friendship skills. Published by Boys Town Press. For ages 4-8.

All of these books can be purchased online or at your local bookstore, including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.


Barbara Jolie is passionate about education and studying online. When not writing and thinking about all things education, Barbara is busy planning her next vacation and caring for her pet cat and bird. You can reach her at barbara.jolie876@gmail.com.

New Bookish News

Happy Monday everyone!

I am so excited to announce the sale of my latest nonfiction book, tentatively called Parenting Introverts. This book, sold to Prufrock Publishing, will be the latest in my books for parents and focuses on the unique needs of introverted children. Written in the same conversational style as Emotional Intensity and my other nonfiction works, Parenting Introverts discusses the hard-wiring of temperament, strategies for enhancing the strengths of an introvert and specific tools to work through some of the more difficult issues that may arise. In addition to the various strategies throughout the book, Parenting Introverts will also feature specific stories of parents and their introverted children. The book is slated for an October 2013 release.


And in related bookish news, my current nonfiction project, Redefining Normal, a book for teenage girls about resiliency, is being released in June 2013 – several months early. SO SO SO exciting.

Be on the look out for contests and such as we get closer to the release.

OH! And be sure to come back next week when I reveal a fresh, new look for the blog as well as introduce new features and contributors. So much fun!