Happy Friday everyone. I hope this week has been good. Today I’m reflecting on the power of gratitude to end fear.

“When you are grateful, fears disappear and abundance appears” – Anthony Robbins


As most of you know, I spend my days working with children between the ages of about 11 and 15 as an educational psychologist. Most days are spent dealing with issues of fear: fear as it relates to friendship, fear as it relates to school performance and fear as it relates to taking risks. This fear is so impacting that some of my children can’t seem to make it school consistently, let alone last all day. With the increased stressors in our society, many of my students are confronted with a paralysis related to fear that makes achievement almost impossible to be had. We focus our work on figuring out how to push through these feelings and develop resiliency. In effect, I have to show them how to confront their fear and face their own shadows. As these children begin to believe that they are able to push through the things that scare them the most, they begin to see their own personal power emerge.

I have found that all it usually takes to achieve this goal is to help children switch their thoughts from feelings of inadequacy to feelings of gratitude for the skills they do posses. This simple shift is usually enough to lessen the fear and begin to face it. When this finally clicks…WOW! There is nothing greater than when a child you have spent hours with over many years finally learns to push through their own fears without me…This is the REASON I am willing to spend hours at my job…just for these kinds of moments.

So to all of my children on the journey of figuring out the power of a grateful heart and the power within themselves to conquer all that they fear…I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU.

Because of these children I get daily reminders of the value of gratitude.


Later tonight I will be posting about motivation and character development. Happy writing this weekend.


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