“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins

 Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later…the kind of day when I really DID NOT want to do this post. You know the type of day that makes you want to wallow – at least a little. Yesterday hinted at it…but today…well today was IT.

That being said, I know enough about appreciation and gratitude to know that the way you can turn things around is to be grateful – ESPECIALLY AT THESE TIMES!!!

So, I push forward, looking at the list of things I created so far. It really is an amazing list. 14 days of terrific things to be grateful for and tons of people commenting about what they are grateful for…amazing.

But, as good as all that is, it isn’t what I am thankful for today. Today, I want to express my appreciation for the agents on Twitter that boldly say what their jobs are really like. The ones that blog about the realities of their job – who know, the number of queries they get, the craziness in some of those queries, the endless partials and fulls they read – all before they represent someone. To all of those agents that have helped me understand their job, to those that are kind AND honest with their rejections, and to those that respond to the people that contact them….



Even on this rough day, when looking at the shadow seems inevitable, it is nice to reflect on how much I have learned about the industry from the agents that took the time to educate me.


What are you grateful for?







3 thoughts on “40 Days of Gratitude, Day 15: Laughing at the shadow…and learning from agents

  1. I’m grateful for the rejections I received at the beginning of last year — one in particular — because they made me go back and look at what my work was missing.

    I think it’s so much better now. I can finally say with a clear conscience that I truly believe it’s ready for agents to see, and I will not go back and tinker with the story unless or until I’m instructed to do so.


  2. I am grateful for not just the twittering agents, but the blogging ones and the ones willing to take part in contests like Miss Snarks First Victim. Every little extra insight or way in is always helpful!

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