j0439466Happy Wednesday everyone. I sure am glad I can spot the weekend on the horizon.

Today is WIP Wednesday (thank you QT friends who started this up). I am happy to report some progress – not big progress – but SOME progress. It all counts, right.

So, what got accomplished…

On the current WIP – a rewrite of my Nano novel – all is going well. I made it through about 5000 words of MAJOR rewrites (actually felt like writing from scratch in some parts) and I am happy with the results (A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY CRITIQUE BUDDY). Of course, while working on it, my head started to swell with more ideas. I have been scrambling, writing down ideas on little pieces of paper all week (I dumb these into the computer every night).

Next week I want to start working on the book proposal for my NF book. I have a break from work coming up, so major writing is in my future soon (I love writing binges).

How about you guys…how as your writing week???


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: March 11, 2009

  1. It seems as if everyone is working on NF books these days! Either that, or I’m getting my blogs mixed up.

    Do you find your current projects to be more enjoyable when you can bounce around not just among projects, but genres?

    5000 words in one week, not in November, is a lot! I’m happy to hear you surviving major rewrites, as I will be doing that in the next few months.

    1. Hey Annie…you are right, lots of folks are working on NF right now. I can’t work on two projects of the same genre at the same time – lots of writers can, but not me…I get the storylines all mixed up!!!. So I will always pick one to write and maybe work on queries for another, or a NF project.

      Rewrites can be tough…but I can honestly say that I LOVE the story – so it is well worth it.

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