“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls” – Aesop


Today’s moment of gratitude is about my muse…you know that thing in every artist (or maybe in every person) that ignites our creative energy.

My muse has been…well…absent for a little while. Dampened by the potential laying-off of several friends (pinks go out tomorrow), a lot of politicking at work (yuck…I only like my politics in Washington – and even then, only from a distance), a few too many rejections piling up in the inbox and plan old ordinary fatigue, my muse went on sabbatical I think.

Well, today, after much needed R&R, she is back.

As I ran through the house, vacuuming and dusting (trying to get an early start on my weekend chores so I can play a little) I realized that I had storylines, and BIG ideas forming like crazy.

“YEAH,” I screamed to myself. “She didn’t leave me.”

So, to my wonderful muse that helps keep the energy of creativity alive….


(Truthfully I know the muse never really leaves…she may hide, but they never leave.)

What are you grateful for today??


  • 40 Days of Gratitude, Day 17
  • More info about next weeks Guest Blogger and giveaway
  • How do you keep the story alive…even when you hit the wall (or your characters run amuck)?

Happy Writing.


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