Hi all – I missed yesterday. Turns out that my life is even busier than I realized.  I purposefully do not write these gratitude posts ahead of time and schedule them (I want to keep it authentic).  I worked more than 18 hours yesterday… needless-to-say, this post did not get done.  

So, without further delay, here are days 17 and 18…

Day 17: I am grateful for the wonderful co-board members of my daughter’s band at school.  These people help me support the band, working tirelessly to do so.  In particular, I would like to thank Antoinette, Debbie, Lynn, Terri, Susie and our conductor Brad….I love working with each and every one of them. They make volunteering FUN!!!

So a huge THANK YOU for the help Friday night at the annual Family Fun Night!!!

Day 18 – Today I am grateful for long walks. You see, I try to squeeze in a walk every day – sometimes an interesting challenge with every thing else we always have going on. Walks not only help keep me fit…I often find answers to interesting writing challenges during my walks.  This morning, my walk served both purposes.

Lastweek I managed to write myself into a bit of a corner on the rewrites for my current WIP.  Having sustantially changed the sotryline, I am actually righting most of the novel from scratch, with only a lose sense of where I am going.I am doing.  So, when I managed to write myself into a bit of a corner, this morning’s walk really gave me clarity. 

Now I can;t wait to hide for a few hours and get the next section of the book finished!!!

How about all of you – what are you thankful for??

 Oh – and as promised, I am going to tell you a little more about our guest blogger and giveaway coming up.  I think I already mentioned that the blogger in question in author Chirstina Katz. As her celebration for her Writer Mamas Blog and book, she is giving away signed copies of her book. She will be blogging here next week – – – so be sure to keep stopping by for a chance to win her book.   I will give a little more information on this in the next few days.

 Later with weekend – more on keeping your story on track…


 Until then, have a great weekend and happy writing…


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