Today’s post is about my love of books. Okay, not really, but it starts there.

I love books. Not only do I find them just plain enjoyable – an opportunity to escape into another world, but I get the best quotes from them.

The quote I’m using today is not the gratitude quotes I have been using to this point. I decided that in the light of ABNA quarter finals being announced tomorrow, the sea of rejections all writer’s face, and the declining confidence I have heard when talking to some writer friends, I would pick a quote that reminded all of my writer friends why we write…

So without further delay:

  • “So why do we do it? You’ve heard the usual answers: We write because we have to. We write because we have something to say. We write because if we didn’t, we’d wonder if we really existed at all. But this self-confidence thing, and its lack, suggests there’s more to it than even those important reasons. So I’d say we writers write because we believe, and because we don’t. It’s not only part of being a writer; it’s part of being a human. We can’t help but try, try again…(and) if you do the hard work of revision and rewriting, you ultimately will see your name among those of published authors.” – Lisa Lenard-Cook from The Mind of Your Story


So today I wish all of my friends, writers and not, the confidence necessary to remember to try and try again. That is what I am grateful for – the human spirit that makes all things possible!!!


Happy writing.


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