j04394661Happy Wednesday everyone. Only three more work days until my vacation….YEAH!!!

I have little to report this WIP Wednesday.  Despite good intentions, little new writing was completed.  Oh sure – I wrote, reworte, and revised the 15 pages I have to for my weekly critique group (I actually only finished 11)..but I missed my goals this week by a mile.

A lot of it had to do with the time I spent chasing my own demons…you know, the ones that surface from time to time and zap creative energies.  My demons were the demons of self doubt….and what a BAD effect that has on creativity!!!  (I had my partial rejected a couple of times this last week.  Albeit, they were the nicest darn rejections I have ever read – using words like “engaging” and “heartfelt” to describ my writing style.)  I just got in my own way all week long – paying way too much attention to the critic in my own head.  

But, this is a new week …with a new focus and a fresh start (thanks my writing buddies who talked me off the ledge).

My goal this week: 

  1. Get out of the corner I painted myself into in my current project
  2. Finish the darn synopsis for my other novel (I really hate writing those things…even with the great advice from the QT blog). 

Of course, another 3,ooo words or more would make me very happy too.

How about you…how was your writing week? Did you achieve your goals?

Later this week:

  • 40 Days of gratitude continue
  • Guest blogger Christina Katz on Friday – stop by for a chance to comment and win a book
  • A special surprise for the weekend…Hmm…

Have a great week.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, March 18, 2009 – Chasing demons…

  1. Oh, sorry you’ve had a tough week. I know all too well that even the most encouraging rejections are still… rejections and they can suck the creative force right out of you.

    I also don’t envy having to write a synopsis. Those things are evil and I avoid them like the plague!

    1. Thanks Kate – good thing you guys are around to help me rebound faster!

      And Annie – My crit group keeps me going at 15pps a week. When I am on a writing binge (when I have a vacation or something), I can do that in nothing flat; but with my job and family obligations…some weeks can be tough (especailly when I get in my own way!!!!)

  2. Writing, rewriting, and revising 11 pages in a week sounds productive to me! Especially if you are doing 15 pages on a regular basis. That is a strong writing ethic you have.

    And sorry about the negative demons! I completely understand and pretty much battle them every night.

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