Just a quick post to let all of you know that Christina Katz will be stopping by tomorrow to talk about writing and publishing. This is part of her blog tour in celebration of her 2 year anniversary for Writer Mama. Some of her other stops on the blog tour have led to discussions about:

  • The juggling act of being a mom AND a writer
  • Writing a winning book proposal
  • What can go right…or WRONG… when publishing a book
  • All writing is really rewriting

Check out the complete tour on her blog.

I first learned of Christina Katz this Christmas while researching platform development. As the author of Get Known Before the Book Deal, Christina has proven that really understands how writers – fiction and nonfiction – should participate in their own marketing plans. I have used her advice in many of my articles on this topic (marketing and platform development).

As part of her tour, Christina is giving away a book. Some come by tomorrow, read the post and leave a comment. I will be drawing a name at random to win a copy of Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids!


See you tomorrow!!!


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