Happy Spring everyone. Today’s post is dedicated to the new beginnings promised by Spring.

Everyone needs a fresh start…a time to shrug off the heavy gloom of winter, strip away the layers of muck that cloud our minds and inhibit our creative energies and add new growth to the foundation of our lives.

Today I am eternally grateful for such events and the promise that they hold. I hope each of you find something this spring that energizes and invigorates your heart and your creative juices.

What are you grateful for today??


This weekend:

  • The winner of Christina Katz’s book revealed!
  • A little writing reference link
  • 40 days of gratitude continues.

I am “disappearing” for a few days, trying to get some writing accomplished – so my blog posts may slow down a little. Keep stoppin’ by and leaving comments. I LOVE them all!!!


Happy writing.


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