j0441004Today I am grateful for time…and, I guess, the art of time management.

I am off for the next few days – exciting, isn’t it. But, with a few days off, comes the incessant to do list.  You know, the laundry list of all the projects you want to finish when you actually have been given time to do things. 

Unfortuately the list has competing projects…things that all take so much time I couldn’t possibly finish everything.

The challenge is balancing the things I MUST (Spring cleaning) get done with the things I WANT to do (finishing rewrites on my WIP and sarting a new project).

Today I am thankful that I have this choice to make at all…not everyone is so fortunate!!!

Thanks for stopping by….what are you thankful for?

**UPDATE:  I promised a post regarding great writing links, etc.  It is coming – but as you can tell from this post, I have a time management issue :)…So the post will be coming out next week.

This week:

  • Blog Chain Time
  • Resources for writers
  • WIP Wednesday
  • Where do you write?
  • 40 Days of gratitude continues…

Happy writing everyone!!!


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