j04394661This has been a good week.  And none too soon, either.  I think it started with the short story I wrote for the Blog Chain.  Somehow that freedom – to just write whatever – unleashed and revived my creative juices.  As a result, I have been doing a lot of writing. 

That is not to say I haven’t been getting in my own way from time to time this week – I have.  But at least the writing muse is alive and well!!!

So, on to the update.  Last week I established the following goals for this week:

1) Get myself out of the proverbial corner I managed to get into on my current WIP

2) Write a synopsis for my other book.

I am happy to say both things were accomplished.  Not only that, but I wrote enough on the WIP (about 6000 words or so) to paint myself into another corner.  (Those darn characters that keep hijacking the storyline.)  I also started several stories that I’d like to finish for the Writer’s Digest writing contest coming up.

This week’s goal:

1) Get myself out of another corner on the WIP and make a lot of progress on the story before heading back to work.

2) Finish the two short stories roaming around in my head.

3) Outline another possible WIP that is talking to me as well (at least one of the MCs is sure chattin’ away)

What about you guys…what did you accomplish???

Later this week:

  • Where do you write?
  • Freaky Friday
  • 40 Days of Gratitude continues – now it’s your turn to share

Happy Writing!!!



3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, 3/25

  1. Um…does “Spend hours on the Internet” count as a goal? If so, I totally scored.

    I did type up 1500 words of my hand-written MS. It was about 5 pages. So…my novel is going to be LONGER than I thought. Great. Just great.

    1. Elana – sure it does…research, yeah that’s it!!!
      Kate – hopefully this week will be as productive…not so much so far!!!

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