Most of my writer friends have a place where they love to write – – – some small corner or niche that provides a great view, or lets them escape the house, chores and family.

Mine is…STARBUCKS.  Yep, that’s right.  My all-time favorite place to write is Starbucks.  But not any Starbucks…my favorite one down the street.  The one where everyone knows my name – and I know theirs (kinda like my own version of Cheers).

It is my favorite writing spot for many reasons.  First, I can leave my wonderful family and hide for a few hours.  (When I am home, hiding is virtually impossible unless EVERYONE is asleep.)  Then there is the actual cast of wonderful baristas.  These guys provide an endless pool of potential characters for my books.

Now, obviously I can’t manage to hide at Starbucks everyday…so where else do I write?  At the beach, out by the pool, at my desk and in my favorite chair with my lapdesk are on my short list.

What about you?  Where do you like to write?  Where is your muse most evident??? 

I would love to hear from you…


3 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. I always get the most inspired while sitting/laying next to my husband. I always kept a notebook by the bed. Unfortunately, I had a severe arm injury that makes writing darn near impossible … so, I have to scramble to the frontroom and hop on the ‘puter to write. Don’t have a laptop (but hoping to get one soon.) I do like my front room, I have lots of pictures above my desk and my doggie likes to lay by my feet when I’m working. The front room is right next to my dining room where I have my hydroponic garden started while it’s still too snowy to bring them outside. The plants combined with my antique china nearby (Blue Willow) creates ambience which sparks my brain.

  2. My reading place is the bed of my step-dads truck. Most people find it weird, (which is a weird word isn’t it? I always spell that wrong.) but hey you have find someplace to read. I write there too. Although it’s not stories or anything, just diary entries or even homework.

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