Happy Friday Everyone! I decided to add book reviews to my regular features. Every couple of weeks I will post a book review…typically something I’ve read that was compelling enough to make me get up and review it right when I finished it.

WAKE was just such a book. I reviewed it in February.



In honor of her book tour to my neck of the woods, I again turned to Lisa McMann for my next book review. FADE.

 I finished it the other night, amid tears lightly caressing  my cheeks. I don’t usual cry when reading (okay – not true…actually I love it when I book moves me emotionally), but the relationship between Janie and Cabe really hooked me, as I felt myself completely vested in the outcome of the problems they faced.  Their relationship, crafted over the first two books in the series was authentic and three dimensional – something I always love when reading stories.  

Often described as a fresh new voice, Lisa’s books offer a unique writing style that I found mesmerizing. FADE builds on WAKE, going deeper into the characters and the nature of Janie’s gifts. Pain, fear and hope wrap themselves around you in this compelling story.

I can’t wait for GONE, the final in the series, to come out next spring.

One cautionary statement for my younger readers, the storyline is definitely geared for older teens.  The content, while very real for today’s kids, is definitely one that I would reserve for my 15+ readers. 

Parents, it is a fantastic book – but with any YA novel, I always recommend that you give it a quick read it BEFORE giving it to your kids – just to make sure you are comfortable with the content.

What have you read recently?  Anything you could recommend?

I won’t be around much this weekend, but please stop by and read the last of the 40 Days of Gratitude posts.

Have a great weekend…and HAPPY WRITING!!!


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