With the end of my 40 Days of Gratitude experiment quickly approaching, I have been thinking a lot about what things to blog about.  As I result, I have decided on some regular weekly features.

Marketing Monday – Starting tomorrow I will dedicating Mondays to a regular post regarding platform development and the other aspects of marketing both fiction and nonfiction work. Based on the comments from my previous posts in this area…many of us struggle with this.

WIP Weds – I already started doing WIP Weds posts (thanks Blog Chain friends for this one). It really helps keep me accountable (and I always do better when I have to follow some rules!!!) and I find that I am achieving my writing goals faster as a result.

Fun Fridays – I will post something related to books – either something new to read, some cool book signing somewhere, a cool cartoon to keep us laughing…something

Tuesday and Thursday I plan to leave open to topics related to improving the craft of writing.

Of course, I’ll also have guest bloggers from time to time, a contest here or there, and other surprises…

So, what do ya think? The features are starting this week.  Please let me know if there is anything you specifically want to see. This blog is for you as much as it is for me J



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