j0283997Welcome to Marketing Mondays. My goal is to use Monday’s posts to explore the world of marketing for fiction writers – covering platform development, building readership, and finding a niche. I have written a little on this subject already, covering platform and general marketing ideas.

For today’s post I wanted to introduce you to a couple of links that I find invaluable to my search for ways to build a platform and online presence.

The first is one I have written about repeatedly…Christina Katz’s site Get Known Before the Book Deal. Now, this site is great all by itself, offering tips, examples of fiction authors with strong platforms, etc. But one of my favorite things on the site is her newsletter, Get Known Groove. Packed with a lot of wonderful information, it is a must read if building platform is a goal.

Another helpful link I found recently is Rachelle Gardner’s Blog post on platform. This also provided examples of platform development by highlighting several authors and how they personally contributed to their success through platform development. A must read for all fiction writers!!! Michael Hyatt’s blog series on building a name online is another great read.

Finally, many of us use social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. More and more, however, Twitter is emerging as a strong potential tool for building an online presence. But, how do you use twitter. Simply updating with status updates won’t be enough to build readership – or much of anything else. The following links have some great ideas on using Twitter to really assist in creating an online presence – How to Use Twitter and Caroline Middlebrook’s Twitter guide.

Let me know if the links are helpful to you. Stop by every Monday for new marketing ideas for fiction writers.

If you have specific marketing questions or things you would like to see, be sure to leave a comment.

Happy Writing…


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