Inspiration is an elusive thing.  Sometimes I can find her everywhere – a sunset, a great conversation with a writerly friend, the laughter of my kids.  Other times she hides from me completely.

I have had loads of inspiration lately.  Relaxed by a break from work, I have had no shortage of ideas – little snippets of scenes and storyline that I am SO HAPPY with.

Until today…

Until it hit me that I had NO IDEA where I was going with the story.  No.Idea.

Dang…that’s a serious problem.

So, I tried walking away from writing for a few hours – diverting myself with other things.  Yeah…that didn’t work.

Then, I took a long drive to the beach under the auspicious of needing to run errands (actually, I did have some things to pick up in La Jolla).  It was beautiful.  I came home relaxed.  And absolutely no closer to a solution to my MAJOR plot problems.

I went on-line, checking out my email, chatting a little.  Still  nothing….

Finally, I tried my old stand-by.  I walk (with a little running too).  

Five miles and several small pieces of paper from a coffee shop later  I had it…the breakthrough I was waiting for…breaking for.

I  ran home, assembled my crumbled pieces of paper and started to rework the story.  Problem Solved. 

So, my question for you is this…what do you do when inspiration becomes elusive?  How do you get your muse back???



5 thoughts on “Inspiration Found!!! (Was it ever really missing…)

    1. Elana…Dove Dark..hahahahahahaha (yeah – that was next on my list!). I love breainstorming too.

      Kat…When I wrote my first MS, I was walking 10 miles a day…I had forgotten how much that is actually part of my process.

  1. Um…Dove dark? LOL. I find that brainstorming with others really helps me see a different direction the story could take. Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in NOT KNOWING that I can’t think of something someone else can.

  2. I dream with intention. Okay, I know that sounds wacky, but it’s the truth. When I encounter a “snag” in whatever writing project I’m working on, I head to bed considering the story or article. During this process, I try very hard not to worry and fret, I simply ponder the various aspects as intensely as possible.

    Then, the “magic” happens. During the night, while dreaming, the answer comes. I have a notepad and pen at my bedside for this purpose, yet rarely need to use it because the “answers” are so visceral and engaging that I don’t forget them, even upon waking.

    On the rare occasion when this fails, I then turn to another project for a while — if deadlines allow, of course. The change of focus is sometimes the only solution.

    1. Actually, that totally makes sense to me. I have often used a combination of the endorphin rish of a workout with the dream intention stuff to un-stick me!

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog…

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