It’sj04394661 Wednesday, which means it is time for a WIP progress update. I’m happy to say that I haven’t wasted my break from work – although I’m not sure that I wrote as much as I did last week.

Never-the-less, I got some HUGE writing tasks off my to-do list.  Not to mention a lot of INCREDIBLE inspiration and story-line ideas…(now I just need to weave them into the story). 

So – on to the update:

My goals last week were to make a bunch of progress on my current WIP, outline the next WIP and finish some short stories…

Well, things changed.

I did manage to do a little research for a new WIP. Of course, that just made those characters start speaking even louder…hmmmm.

I also rewrote my synopsis based on a friend’s feedback. I can actually say I LOVE IT now…

Finishing the synopsis for THE SPACES IN BETWEEN has made me relook at a few things in that novel. So, I rewrote the opening (SO much happier with it) and am running through another revision just to tighten up a few things and strengthen the voice of the MC.

I love the changes so far (YEAH!).  I hope to be finished with it by next week so I can start querying again.

As for progress on my WIP, I have finished major rewrites on ten chapters or so. I am currently working on another round of major rewrites on the next section. Yeah – you’re right…I’m basically rewriting the entire thing.  But, it’s SO MUCH better!!!

I must say, I LOVE the characters in the book and their relationships with each other.  Makes the rewrites so fun!!!

All in all, I wrote about 5000 words on the WIP.  Of course, with the revisions on SPACES I got myself into, as well as my 9-5  job on the horizon, I’m curious to see how much progress I make this week.

Good thing I have to post regularly for my critique buddies…otherwise I could procrastinate on this for TOO LONG!!!

What about you guys…how did your week go???


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, 4/1

  1. Saw your tweet and dropped by for a look. Congratulations on getting lots of writing done. I’m starting a blog book tour April 15. After that, maybe I’ll get back to mystery writing.

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