With the conclusion of the 40 Days series I wanted to quickly give a little shout out to my on-line friends…

Writing is something I have only recently started.  I finished the rough draft of my first ms in August 2008.  I thought it would be so easy to find an agent and get it published.  

WOW, was I wrong!!! 

Furthermore, that story was not at all ready to query, let alone be published…something I learned pretty quickly.

In October 2008 I found the QT forum, and discovered that writing is actually a team sport.  I met writer after writer (Mary Lindsey, Elana Johnson and Julie Butcher-Fedynich  to name a few) who helped speed  along my learning curve…teaching me about queries, synopses, good writing, blogging, and a million other things.

So, in honor of them…the countless on-line writers that have helped and continue to help me and other aspiring writers, providing a network of support as we trudge along, working to perfect our craft to be the best writers we can be…



Without all of you, my stories would still exist only in my head.

What are you thankful for?


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