Happy Fun Friday Everyone!!!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to come up with a great title?   Well the staff at Lulu came up with the Lulu Titlescorer.  According to their website, you can predict your title’s chances of being a bestseller.  Developed my Lulu statisticians, they do admit this is NOT an exact science (really???)

So, just for fun, I tested it out with a few well known bestsellers and some …em…completely unknown works (yeah – they are my WIP’s)…

Here are the results:

WAKE – 79.6% chance of being a best seller (and it is)

Wicked Lovely – 26.3% chance (Oops – missed that one!)

Twilight – 59.3% chance (Hmm…not so accurate huh)

The Spaces In Between – 79.6% chance (promising)

Agent of Chaos – 26.3% chance (Hmmm)

So, obviously what’s INSIDE the book is much more important than the title, but it was fun playing around with this!!!

Try it out yourself.  Click here, input your title and a little information and voila…you can see your results…

Be sure to leave a comment with your results. HAVE FUN!!!


5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name…

  1. Well, I didn’t do well, but I can’t say I’m disappointed.

    My novel, “The Long Road to Heaven,” scored exactly the same as “Wicked Lovely,” and “Agent of Chaos.” 26.3 percent.


  2. Okay, I did this, but I’m sort of lame, because I didn’t know what the first word was (verb, etc) or the whole title. But Control Issues got 55.6% chance of being a bestseller. So…yeah. Maybe I’ll mix it up a bit, totally throwing it off and see what else I can come up with. Anything to avoid revisions…

  3. Ouch!

    The title Across Two Universes has a 10.2% chance of being a bestselling title!

    Meanwhile, my old title, Lennon’s Line, got a 76.9% chance. I wonder if there’s some way I can combine the two without using Lennon?

  4. This was fun.

    “Backless, Strapless & Slit to the Throat” scored 10.2 if taken “literally” but 26.3 if taken “figuratively.”

    I’m calling it a figurative title now. *smile*

    Thanks for some Saturday morning fun!

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