j04394661It’s Wednesday and that means it is time for a new WIP post.

This was a rough week for writing. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t a case of writer’s block or anything like that. It was a matter of real life. Between teaching two 8-hour seminars, coaching my OM team out of town for a state competition (no energy left for writing after that), and starting back at work after Spring Break…not much got finished this week.

I did do a lot of “mental writing” however. You know, when you mentally sketch out a scene. Through that process I discovered some big plot problems with my ms and worked through some issues with my WIP. All good stuff in the long run.

For this week, I need to do some serious writing (thank goodness for #wordathon this weekend). I want to build up to the climax in the WIP…FUN STUFF!!! I have my music and my muse all ready to go J

How about you…how was your week? Did real life get in the way at all?


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, 4/8

  1. Real life has been getting in my way every time I turn around. And unlike you, I have not been making use of my mental writing time, because real life has been taking up all my brain space too.

    Le sigh… hope we both have better progress next week!

    1. Kat – I am currently obsessed with Evanescence…perfect E.M.O. for my WIP and the ms I am trying to fix!

      Kate – Let’s definitely have a better week 🙂

      Elana – thought you’d appreciate it!!!

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