100_3047Happy Easter weekend everyone. 

I woke up today and walked to the kitchen, ready to get a jump on my weekend chores (need to make time for #RSthrowdown after all).  My girls, 12 and 8, left a note on the counter….inviting me on a Easter Egg hunt.

How could I refuse that?  So, basket in hand, I collected the six eggs they placed around the house. Inside the plastic eggs were notes that expressed their love, support for my writing, and other things book related.

What an amazing way to start my day….

To my girls and the fun they brought on this busy day….THANK YOU!!!

Happy Easter.  May it be a blessed day for every one of you.


5 thoughts on “Easter, Kids, and the fun…

  1. Wow – awesome kidlets you’ve got there! Enjoy the day. I’m just realizing that I did not buy any chocolate. At all. Shall have to hit the decimated shelves at Walmart sometime today.

  2. Christine!
    That was perfect! Love from the kids is the best! The girls are awesome…I think they get it from their folks!

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