Okay, so I have a confession to make…I love Facebook quizzes.  They really are one of my favorite diversions.  I’m not sure what it is about them…the silliness, the randomness or the bizarre accuracy.

Seriously – these things are strangely accurate!!! 

Just the other day I took a “What Element Are You? Quiz (in honor of my crit buddies WIP)..the results were kind a cool:  Turns out I am most like Water: 

As Water, your strength comes mainly from your diversity and flexibility. You have an emotional spectrum spanning from being as cold as ice or as intangible as steam, though neither are your status quo. As water, you have a knack for flowing through life with greater ease than many others, making you a naturally happy person. If there is a road block, you’ll find a way round it. If you find yourself in an enclosed area, you’ll rise up and up until you overflow and move on again. Though there are ways of bringing you to a stop. One being those events, usually emotional, that cannot be escaped and become absorbed into you, altering your flow, infecting every facet of your life. You can only take so much of this and you begin to boil, retaliating with hurricane force, often doing more damage than you bargained for, yourself included. Fortunately, you can just wash it out of your system to flow on. Your place in the world: The jovial spirit who brings hope and clears paths for others.   (from Facebook’s Quiz, Which Element Are You?)


Those who know me in real life no how bizarrely accurate this description is!!!  Truly eerie (insert music from Twilight Zone).  

I have taken other quizzes, too.  And they all have a bit of truth to them…

So, my question to you…have you taken any Facebook quizes?  Are they accurate or way off the mark?

I can’t wait to hear from you and find out!!!

Have a great week of writing…Or finding cool diversions on Facebook!




2 thoughts on “Facebook Quizzes…how do they do that?

  1. Um…not sure I’ve taken any that were eerily accurate, but I am by nature a rationalist (and yet I believe in ghosts and past lives..go figure).

    I will say that I got more comments on my top five albums though….was kind of odd.

    🙂 Terri

  2. I haven’t taken any. I’ve been tempted, but I’m refusing their trend, just like I didn’t want to do the 25 Things About You note. But, it does seem to me that a lot of people are happy with their quiz results, so maybe they are eerily accurate.

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