Welcome to Teaser Tuesday. My friend Elana challenged us to post a little teaser of one of our stories on our blogs. So, never one to refuse something like this, I decided to post a little bit of The Spaces In Between. I am currently revising this story, but here is a little snippet from one of the first chapters…



Memories of my past swarmed my senses, pulling me back to the beginning. To the visions…and the madness.
I woke with a start, sweat pouring from my brow. The dream had come again. My eyes darted around the room. Everything looked the same. Janice slept in the bed by the door – peaceful. I guess my nightmare hadn’t bothered her. I rolled over, too scared to go and find Matt. Too scared to move. I stared out of the window by my bed, willing my heart to stop pounding against my chest. It was almost dawn, the navy darkness fading to shades of gray and pink in the early morning hours.
Nothing happened at first, just the world slowly slipping into daybreak. Then a rip tore through the sky and towards the ground. Silently it moved across the scene, lifting the unmovable veil between the world I knew and something else – someplace else.
I squeezed my eyes shut, my heart frantically trying to escape my body. I was still dreaming. Wasn’t I?
I opened one eye, willing myself out of the nightmare. The split in the fabric of my world continued to shred the sky as both worlds engulfed the landscape.
I tried to scream myself awake, the sound dying in my mouth as I choked on the words.
But I was already wide awake. And this was real.
I stumbled out of bed and away from the window. “Janice, Janice. Wake up.” I shook her frantically. “Please. Something’s wrong. The world…it’s breaking. Something is really, really wrong.” The words flew from my mouth in a garbled mess.
Janice sat up. Not amused. “What are you talking about?”
“Look!” I continued to shake her from her stupor. Pointing to the window I screamed “The world…it’s… disappearing. Hurry.”
Janice rolled her eyes, got out of the bed and walked to the window.
Her impatience with me changed to anger almost immediately. “What is wrong with you, Julie? There is nothing outside. Nothing.” She pushed her way passed me and walked back to her bed. “Now shut up and go to sleep.” She rolled over.
I looked back at the window, too scared to look. Unable to resist.
I peered through the glass, breath held, fear mounting. Both worlds loomed in front of me. The veil was still split.
“Jan…” I stopped mid-sentence. She didn’t see anything. No one would see anything.
Except. Me.


So, there you go…a little sneak peek. Now it’s your turn to post something you’ve written on your blog. Come back and share the link…I just love reading new stuff!!!

Have a great day.


6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday.

    1. Kat – I love that sentence too!!
      Elana – Dude, if I ever get done revising…I would LOVE to have you read it!

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