herding-catsHave you ever tried to herd cats?   Yeah….are you sure?  I mean, cats aren’t really the herding type are they? 

They don’t listen, they do what they want when they want and they like it that way.

Guess what – teenagers are pretty darn similar.

This weekend I chaperoned my kid’s band trip to Las Vegas.  If you ever wanted to what it is really like to be the head chaperone of around 100 hormone ridden Middle School Band students…read on.

Now, don’t get me wrong – these are some of the best kids I have ever spent time with.  But, they ARE teenagers,after all.

The trip started early Friday morning as we loaded up the buses and divided the chaperones and headed out to Vegas.  I spent the trip near the back of the bus.  I know, scary!  But, crazy woman that I am…I spent the entire trip near the back of the bus!!! (Not sure what that says about me….)

Once we got to Vegas and got the room assignments, we let the kids have a little time to themselves before heading out to a see the Tournament of the Kings at Excaliber.  Of course, it took all of twenty seconds before one of MY groups of kids wandered off without a chaperone.  At that moment the full weight of the trip hit me. 

The next epiphony came when we escorted the kids through the casino and to the show.  Have you ever tried to herd a group of teenagers through a Las Vegas casino to get to the showroom….Yeah, it is ABSOLUTELY Herding Cats!!!  Again, the kids were great….just…TEENAGERS.

The show itself was fantastic, and the kids loved it. I did too, except for the ringing in my ears from the girls screaming at the cute boys in the show.

So, on to the next day.  The kids had to perform early so we got them up much earlier than they would have liked.  Teenagers REALLY DO require more sleep than they think they do.  Something that was very clear to us that morning.  That being said, everyone was fed, dressed in FORMAL ATTIRE (concert clothes) and on the buses on time.  (Told ya they were awesome.)

Our kids were amazing in the competition itself, scoring superiors from every judge.  We celebrated by going to Adventuredome in Circus Circus (Yes, we had to herd them through another casino….).  We had a blast riding rollercoasters, harassing the kids…total fun.

After we got back to the hotel, we let the kids swim until 9:00pm or so. (Not sure that the rest of the hotel guests liked that…but the kids kept it down to a dull roar!).  For a little extra fun, I let them get me completely soaked..something the other chaperones enjoyed almost as much as the kids did (until I moved near them when the kids were splashing me!). 

The drove home Sunday was pretty darn quiet.

All in all, a fantastic trip.  The kids were great – Better than what most woul expect when we hear the word “teenager”.  These kids had fun and still managed to demonstrate courtesy to each other and the adults, responsibility (they left the rooms and buses spotless), and respect everywhere they went…proving, yet again, that kids can live up to expectations….even really high ones.

I look forward to the next trip I chaperone (and am so glad it isn’t until next year ).  For more great band memories, check out Lynn’s blog (she chaparoned with me!).

Be sure to check out the blog Tuesday when I am back on the Blog Chain!!!

Until then – happy writing.


3 thoughts on “Herding Cats

    1. Lynn – I’m so glad you were there to play in the craziness with me!!!
      Kate…”longest hour of my life…” too funny 🙂

  1. OMG you must have the patience of a saint. I once spent a year teaching religious ed. to a group of eighth graders and it was always the longest hour of my life. Like you said, great kids, but, you know – teenagers:)

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