j04394661Welcome to WiP Wednesday. 

What an insane week this has been…between real life craziness, too much fun with the kids, and a bad bout of the stomach flu…I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to this week (even with Elana’s #rsthrowdown going on).

That being said, I do have some good hallmarks to report for the week:

  • I started rewriting those 100+ pages I deleted.  Fun, but a little crazy.  I found two major plot problems.  One of which I was able to fix – one that will require me to weave in some things much earlier in the novel (something I’ll save for the next round of revisions).
  • Actually figured out the ending…something that was eluding me when I hit delete.
  • Wrote a couple of new twists that I didn’t originally plan – but like very much.
  • “Mentally” wrote the climax.  I probably won’t get to writing it until the weekend…but man I can’t wait – it’s dark and scary, with some good betrayal and death…Fun, Fun!!!
  • Revised a little more of Spaces.  I’ll need to put a lot more attention on that one.  I am basicaaly rewriting the entire beginning and revising the end.  I just write so much differently now that I need to fix some things in that book.  

All in all, I wrote about 4000 words (3000 shy of my goal) an edited another 15 pages.  I’d like to get caught up by next week….

Hey, a girl can dream!

How about you?  Was it a good writing week?


4 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, 4/22

  1. You are all kinds of productive. How many hours a day do you spend in writing/editing mode? Do you sit down at a certain time each day?

    Um, I don’t have any progress yet. But I will… tonight… I hope.

    1. Thanks – I sure don’t FEEL like I made progress!
      Annie – I set aside a few hours nightly to write (taking a couple “date-nights” weekly with my hubby). I am goaling at 1000 words, but…well…that one is hard. Since I’m so darn OCD, I try to sit down around the same time nightly – though that doesn’t always happen either.

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