j0438357Do you have a character in one of your books that you simply LOVE to write?  Maybe it’s the way he/she speaks. Or the cool way they look.  Or the attitude you wish you had.  Whatever it is, these characters make writing F.U.N….

I have one character that is my all time favorite to write.  The evil SETH in my planned trilogy.  Basically absent from the first story, Seth enters the story early in book two.  I love writing him so much, that he arrived 200 pages early during rewrites (a problem only because it forced me to significantly change the story).

Seth is sarcastic, crazy (in a very controlled way) and hot.  He is also evil…that’s evil with a capital E.  Writing him is a bit of a challenge because he needs to vacillate between being in complete control, to being a raving lunatic in a matter of a couple of words. 

Seth’s fun to write because he’s so different from me (or at least I hope he is!).  He gets to do and say the things I would never do or say.  He takes over scenes, causes chaos everywhere and writing him has a level of controlled freedom that I find intoxicating at times.  I’ll be sad when his role is over – but will no doubt create some other character that is just as much fun…

What about you?  Do you have a favorite character to write?  What makes him or her so much fun?


10 thoughts on “The characters we love to write…

  1. My current favorite is Yates: she is a kick ass, photographic investigator for a “social cleanser”. She is overconfident but highly capable, impulsive, outspoken and manipulative. This all lands her in a ton of trouble, but she’s pretty capable of finding her way out again. And yes, she embodies a wicked little voice in the back of my head that I’ve always had to repress.

    Love the topic – I blogged about this myself a little while back! Have fun with Seth, but don’t let him run the show! (Mantra: I must be stronger than my characters, repeat ad nauseum)

  2. I love to write unapologetic characters. I’m a people pleaser and I want everyone to like me all the time, so my favorite characters are the ones who do what they want with no thought to consequences or conscience. They scream ‘This is who I am, deal with it!’

  3. I love the strong female lead, and trying to balance kick ass with realistic. Always a challenge, and fun to write.

    Oh, and then there’s the insane cannibal from my space opera. 🙂

  4. Oooh, I have a couple of characters that I love to write. The first is Kate. She’s effortlessly cool, supremely self-confident, and always has a great come-back. Plus she’s totally hilarious. Basically, everything I wish I had been in high school.

    And then our favorite geek, Seth (love that we have two, totally different Seths!). He’s SUCH a nerd. Obsessed with conspiracy theories, in love with Kate like a little puppy dog and completely awkward. So. Fun.

    1. I love reading about all these cool characters. It is kinda fun to live vicariously through them – isn’t it. And LIsa/Laura…very fun having different Seths!!!

  5. I have a couple. Vi is my favorite so far. She’s sassy and doesn’t care very much about the Rules. Which is something I wish I didn’t care about sometimes.

    My new favorite, and don’t freak, is Adam. I *heart* Adam. I’m hoping you will too, in good time. 😉 😉

    Oh, and Jesse. I like Jesse too. But he’s the good guy, framed for something bad. And that’s always tortuous.

    Great topic!

  6. Talisia. She was a secondary character in a fantasy project I began some time ago. She was only meant as a secondary character. Yeah, right! She somehow burst forth from the secondary character restraints. She is vibrant, outgoing, fearless, strong-willed, and so much more. I also think she has mind-control abilities, because her little secondary stint became a major stint in the next revision of the project.

    I love Jared and Nick because, in many ways, they are the most like me. In fact a beta reader asked how much of me was in Jared when she read the manuscript. My response: there’s some of me in each of the characters. Jared is closest to who I am, and Nick is who I might have been had I led a different life.

    Did I mention Reed? He relies heavily on snark to keep his enemies at bay and protect himself because, as his mother once said “You love too hard and get hurt too easily!”

    Then . . . well, I’m stopping while I’m ahead. Okay, I’m not stopping. I sometimes love to write about misguided characters, those following a dark path because they think it is the right path, only to discover their reasons for choosing the darkness are not that logical after all. : )

    Done now.


    Wait . . . sorry, kidding, really done . . .

  7. I’m noticing a trend in the comments here ;). It seems like we all like the characters that are a little bit of wish-fulfilment for us, or who we can live vicariously through.

    My favorite to write is my evil villainess, Queen Leanore! She’s a little bit crazy, an unapologetic bitch, and basically scares the hell out of everyone. It’s so much fun to let loose my inner tyrant and write from her perspective!

    (I’m shy and polite in real life, so it’s fun to be evil on the page. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    1. I love all these great comments!
      Nisa and Rebecca – I must say, writing villians is one of my guilty pleasures!!!
      Elana – I can see how writing Adam would be fun…but I still don’t love him!
      Scott – Thanks for visiting. I totally want to read your books…the characters sound GREAT

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