j04394661So, I know – it’s Thurday, not Wednesday.  But I had my Blog Chain post yesterday, so I’m reporting progress today.

And what a lot of progress I have to report too…

I dedicated the weekend to “binge-writing” and managed to squeek out over 12,000 words.  That means I have finished the climax.  Only the resolution left – a couple of chapters.

So why am I not finished yet….


There is a little part of me that is terrified to complete the WiP…  You see, I have NO IDEA what to write next.  Seriously – No.Idea.

I think I wll do a rough draft on the last of this series – only to get the story and its characters finished.  I have had interest on book one, but book 2 changed some plot elements – which means, book 1 is being revised.

This is all good – as the story is much improved.  I stopped querying book 1 and will to the rewrites and query afterwards.

In the meantime, I don’t want the end of the story (book 3) to have the same effect on the overall plot!.  So, at the very least I need to outline it, yanno.

Then there are two completely different stories battling in my head.  ..

  • A chick-lit, Desperate Housewifes meets Edger Allen Poe idea born from the short story I wrote for Tuesday’s post


  • A YA urban fantasy with warrier angels and fallen angels – all in in the form of teenage kids…It’s Romeo and Juliet meets some dark goth story..

Hmm, decisions,decisions………

While I try to figure this out, here’s some other great news:

I met my goals for the RSThrowdown started by Elana.  My wordcount total for the four weeks was 35373…and I earned this KEWL BADGE of honor:


Told ya it was KEWL…

Elana has generously decided to continue the Throwdown – so check it out if you need a place to keep yourself accountable AND meet some awesome writers!!!  My goals for the next 4 weeks…I’ll figure that ou for next week.

Until then, what are you guys working on?


9 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday..One day late (5/7)

  1. Ooh! I vote for the Poe Meets Desperate Housewives :D. I would read that in a heartbeat!

    I’m so impressed my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw you wrote over 35k! You definitely deserve the flaming badge o’ goodness.

    I’ve cut a bunch out of my novel, but somehow ended up with 5k extra words! Crazy how that happens, isn’t it? Mine was 92k to begin with, so I’m still okay.

    Next up is continuing what I started with my new novel–scary but fun! I’m only at about 3k words, so … yeah. Long way to go.

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Ha..so far…the consensus in Desperate Housewives meets Poe…Hmm, must stew over this. I am off for 8 weeks in the summer – I plan on writing 1 to 2 rough drafts…so, maybe???

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer! I love binge writing…my 8 weeks off is ALWAYS all about binge writing!

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