cliff (2)My writer friends and I spend a lot of time talking about being on the ledge.  You know, THE LEDGE – the times when you are convinced your writing isn’t good enough, or you can’t possibly handle one more rejection or you’re just emotionally spent.


We have spent so much time talking about it, it has become a bit of a joke – a buzz phrase to tell each other when we need a pep talk – a reason to write one more day.

I usually find myself on the ledge when I’m struggling with my words – they aren’t flowing easily and the plot is problematic.  Or when I read an amazing book and think “No way is my writing good enough”.  Or when the rejections pile too high in the in-box.  Even every-day stress, not related to writing, can bring that ledge ever closer.

I think the ledge issues relate to the emotional nature of writing.  As artists, we pour ourselves into our work, ripping open the inner most aspects of our nature and weaving it into our stories.  This emotional aspect is what compels many of us to write.  And our perceptions of that emotion are what make it such a roller coaster ride.

Well, this week I’ve decided to stop pushing against the ledge, scared that I might fall off.

This week I’m taking up cliff diving!

I mean, seriously, why is that ledge so scary?  It’s just a little ledge…if my words are not coming easily, I can wait a day to write.  If I think I’m not good enough to get published, I can improve my writing skills.  And if I am tired of the rejections, I can send out another query, knowing sooner or later the hard work will pay off.

It is all “doable”….

So, no more fear of the ledge.  Only embracing the ride

Cliff Diving!

What about you?  Have you ever danced on the ledge, afraid to fall off?  Or does your own adventurous spirit make you want to jump…and enjoy the ride?


6 thoughts on “Cliff Diving….Huh?

  1. Great post! I tend to be a jumper by nature. If I think it’s not good enough, I go ask the people who’ve read it “how can I make it better?” and don’t leave them alone until they’ve told me. Or else I leave it to stew and go read awesome books until I know what I have to do to make mine equally awesome.

    The ledge is just a signal that it’s time to step up our game ;). Hooray for cliffdiving!

  2. LOVE this! We’ve been on the ledge more times than I can count and I think that just jumping off would make it a lot less scary.

    This is a great post to read as we’re getting ready to go out on sub….something tells me being rejected by editors is going to be more challenging than all of the other rejections we’ve racked up combined.

  3. When my harness is secured, I will be jumping off the ledge, too. I’m having a little problem tying up the loose ends right now, though.


  4. Whoa. Totally didn’t see this coming. I’ve never thought to throw myself from the ledge. I’m so scared of falling off, I’ve never thought that it might actually be fun. I’m totally adding this to my writing theme park. Cliffdiving! Right next to the Agent Cafe. 😉

    Great post, Christine!

    1. Thanks everyone…now let’s just see if I can live up to it! And Elana – I love the writing theme park…I really do!

  5. I’m on the ledge as we speak. I think exhaustion will push me over before writing does, but it’s exciting to place bets! 😀 This was such a fun post! You have a great attitude!

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