j04394661Well, I did it.  I wrote the two words I’ve been avoiding for over a week…THE END.  I finished Agent of Chaos.

Now, dramatics aside, I am actually thrilled to have the book finished.  And I must say – I love the end.  However, I have no idea what to do next.  And I’m no closer to figuring this out than I was last week.

I love the idea of the Desperate Housewives meets Poe story…but I have no plot at the moment (kind of a problem in a…STORY).  I also love the idea of my Goth Angel story…but, while I have a plot, I can’t really “hear” my characters yet.

Ughh…I am stuck!

I have done some more revisions on Spaces (Now called Chaos Within), including this new beginning:

Most people forget their dreams.  Not me.  I remember all of them.  Every little detail.  Especially the terrifying ones.  The ones where I fall. 


Into nothing.

It always starts the same, a pleasant memory or thought that gives way to terror.  And a tugging that starts at the back of my abdomen, like someone trying to pull my spine through my belly button.  Then I spin out of control , away from the fading scene. 

Into something worse.  Much worse.

I really hate that part.

Other than that, and a few other revisions, I haven’t really written since Sunday.  

And I am beginning to CRAVE shiny new words.

So, what’s a girl to do? 

Keep moving forward seems the only real answer to me.  So, I write every day – even if it’s about nothing in particular…a character sketch here, a new setting there.  Eventually these should turn into something…Right?  (please say “right”)

How about you?  How was your week?  Did you meet your goals?


7 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, 5/13

  1. Ooh, I love that opening! Thank you for sharing :).

    That does suck the most when you’re in-between ideas like that! Weirdly enough, I’ve found that a lot of great ideas pop up either in the middle of the night or right as I’m going to sleep.

    I keep a notebook by my bed, and flick on the lamp (poor husband) to furiously scribble for a few minutes and then go back to sleep.

    Does anyone else do this? 😛 I think that’s when my brain is most squishy and relaxed or something.

  2. Wow, an ending and an awesome beginning all in one week. I am jealous.

    I like your idea of always continuously writing, no matter what it is. I have been slacking lately, and really need to just make myself write something, anything again.

    Great post!

  3. Yay for writing! We haven’t been doing much aside from blogging. The obsessing is preventing most rational thought. We want to spruce up our outline for Book 2 in the series, but it’s a little scary because what if Book 1 doesn’t sell???? Ugh. Has it really only been 2 days of limbo?

    1. thanks everyone.
      Lisa/Laura – your idea is SO awesome that I am SURE you will need a book 2!!

      Kate – Thanks – the new beginning is for a revision of novel #1…and I kinda like it 😀

      Rebecca – I used to keep a notebook by the bed – now I use a digit voice recorder – – it is easier for me. I even use it in the car. And yes, I wake with good ideas all the time.

      Elana – good thing I can bounce things off you…’cause you’re stuck with me now ;D


  4. I say just write. I like to go from random prompts, and I always write something I never knew I would, and then I realize it can fit in one of my already-started stories.

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