j0390547It seems that most of my writer friends are in full WAITING mode…the ones with publishing contracts are waiting for their book releases, the ones with agents are waiting to her back from editors,  the ones looking for agents are waiting to hear about the fulls that are still out, and the ones writing stories are waiting to hear back from beta readers.

Nothing but a lot of waiting.

And you know what, I am in the same boat…

So, what should we all do to deal with the stress created by waiting?  I’ve made a list of a few of the ways I have been dealing with the Waiting Game.  See if any of these sound like you…

  • Catch up on reading (I’ve read about five books in the last two weeks)
  • Actually finish some of the household projects on my “to-do” list  (yeah, not loving this one)
  • Spend time with the family – at the beach, or in the pool
  • Start running again
  • Chat endlessly on line
  • Take way too many Facebook Quizzes
  • Re-design my blog
  • Read a lot of other people’s blogs
  • Pace around, incessantly checking email, only to pace some more and drive my poor family nuts (this one happens far too often)
  • Start a new writing project (since my online crit partner is good at keeping me focused – she gives me deadlines for this one )
  • Get overly emotional at the littlest of things all because I am SO SICK of waiting…(Yeah, no one likes it when I do this one either)

What do you guys do?  Goodness knows I need something new for my list…


6 thoughts on “Let’s all hurry up…and wait.

  1. When we went on submission my agent told me to take up a hobby. I thought she was kidding. Now I’m thinking, “Damn, maybe I should learn how to knit?”

    Waiting sucks. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, this is embarrassingly accurate. Have you seen our blog lately? And what happens when we’re done with all of this stuff? What then? WHAT THEN?

    Er…ok, sorry to be yelling on your blog. I’ve taken a few yoga breaths and feel better now.

  3. I do love the new look! It’s fun to put a face to the spectacular personality! I can sympathize with the waiting as well, though I’m still moving full steam ahead in writing. Life just has a tendency to make you wait in some way or another.

    I hear you about those darn facebook quizzes. I mean really! Who cares what “dark creature” I would be or what era I should have been born in and yet those darn things just keeping calling for me to waste another five minutes and I inevitably listen…

    Good luck with all that waiting! It sounds like you should have a great time while you do!

  4. I love that you guys totally understand!!!

    Gretchen – you really “should” get a hobby…knitting is um…fun, I guess.

    Lisa – Breath in , and out. In and out…:D

    Windy – Writing while waiting is cool – not always realistic, but totally cool!

    Nisa – LOL…Yeah, I HATE waiting – I really HATE waiting!

    Elana – *hugs*…I definitely HATE rejections more than waiting! ANY DAY.

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