j04394661Happy WiP Wednesday.  I was hoping to report amazing word counts, progress on edits and that sort of thing.

Instead, I am reporting a little about my current mental state…

After finishing Agent of Chaos, I took a look at my calendar and realized just how soon I needed to start posting my new project for my online crit group.  I have roughly 25 days until I post the first 15 pages of my new project…that’s right, it isn’t a typo, 25 DAYS.  

Holy Toledo…I have to post 15 pages…the first 15 pages in a mere 25 days (and BTW, I never usually start writing at the beginning of a story.)

Needless to say, this revelation threw me into a major state of panic.  But, never being one to wallow TOO long, and never being able to back down from a  challenge, I sucked it up and started writing. (thanks, in part, to inspiration provided by Adam Lambert and American Idol – go figure!)

I chose the Goth Angel story because, quite frankly, I liked the concept the best. 

And I started writing.

And deleting.

And writing some more. 

Until finally, over the weekend, I started to understand my characters and the story. 

So, now I have the part of the first chapter finished, some sense of where the heck the storyline is going and a good plan to finish a rough draft over the next month or so.

Whew.  Maybe I’ll even post a little of the beginning next week…Hmmm.

As for the other goals – editing, etc.  Those have been a little slower.  I haven’t really done much with Chaos Within or Agent of Chaos – something I plan to remedy this week.

What about you guys… did you achieve your goals?


10 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, 5/20…HELP!!!

  1. I did, actually. This month’s goal has just been writing 350 words minimum every day, and so far, golden 🙂

    I’ll work on some tougher goals next month 😉

    Hope the draft behaves itself!

  2. We’ve got Act 1 outlined for our WIP and we’ve got a pretty healthy start on chapter 1. Yay?

    Oh well, at least we’re writing.

  3. I’m so happy to hear about your progress! 🙂 Starting something new is the hardest… oy. You rock!

    I’ve actually been meeting my goals this week (yaaaaay!) and am almost done with my re-writes. Just some Cntr+F’ing looking for the words I love to overuse (“clutched” and “seemed”…wtf?), and I’ll be ready to go.

    Elana–Happy Whatever Wednesday! 😉 Or whatever…

  4. Goals? What’s that?? I’m so glad you got a little inspiration and a good start! Thank you, American Idol! lol!

  5. Hey Merrilee – thanks for stopping by the blog. I think it is great you’ve reached your goals…thanks for ALL the support with my new WIP.

    Lisa – progress is progress….right (Besides, makes waiting a little easier – or so they say)

    Michelle – I know what you’ve been working on…and its AWESOME!

    Elana – What.ev.er!!! (picture my teenager and her friends saying this…hysterical – and very teen-esque)

    Rebecca – Yep, this new stuff is really throwing me at the moment!

    Nisa – AI was “inspirational” last night too (LOL)

  6. Hey, kudos for you for plowing ahead and getting the work done. I have written little since I got home from the conference – it’s been crazy busy. And then, last night, at bedtime, I had to sit down and write what was in my head about a brand new idea, a golden idea, one with a future. Ha. Probably just an evil snare sent to pull me away from the current WIP! But I will nurture it a little, just the same.

  7. I love hearing about your progress and how just moving forward you always end up with something great.
    I’ll be cheating on my WiP with a short story till further notice. But it’s something!

  8. Whoo congrats on getting started on something new! As for editing – I have just come to accept that it is a sslllooowww process, and trying to be more patient with my WIP and myself.

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