A while back I confessed that I spend most of my writing time at my favorite Starbucks, with my favorite baristas.  Well, I am happy to report I have found ANOTHER favorite place to write.

I call it my “summer place”.  It’s by the pool, in a gazebo my hubby designed and my brother built.  It has electricity, a ceiling fan, a great view of the pool, and an open feeling that allows the afternoon breeze to waft on through….Hmmm….heaven.

Well, see for yourself:


100_3767  100_3769                100_3772






My other fav place at home to write:


What do you think?  Pretty nice spots, huh?

Do you guys have different places you like to write?  Where are they??


10 thoughts on “Writing at home…my summer joy!

  1. Heaven indeed! Can I come write at your house? lol! Actually, I’m a slave to my computer (which is not a laptop) so I’m stuck writing in the basement of the house we’re currently renting. Ask me again in a few months. I’ll have a much better answer hopefully!

  2. Will you adopt me ;)? Seriously, though, awesome writing spot! I write on the couch right now, but one day if I’m lucky, I’ll have a desk. That’s what I love about laptops, though–you could write on your roof if you want!

  3. You guys are so sweet. It looks bigger than it actually is…that’s the beauty of a good camera!!! In all seriousness, it really is a great place to write…especially in the summer!

    And Catherine and Steph – thanks so much for stopping by! WE try to have some fun around here!!!

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