j04394661Welcome to WiP Wednesday.  And what a YUCK report this is going to be.  I have been pretty stuck since I finished AoC.  I guess there are a lot of reasons for my writer’s block – real life nonsense that is sucking me dry,  a very quiet muse, and that overall “blah” feeling many of us get from time to time.

But, I absolutely believe that the only way to move past this is to take action.  So, I have continued to write something.  Almost every day.  Most of it was promptly deleted the next day.  But, in the weeds of my words, I did manage to find the beginnings of a few flowers.

So here is a report on my flowers this week:

1)  I am editing AoC (thank you great crit partner for pointing out the holes) and really liking the results.

2)  I am working on Chaos Within (a rewrite) and also happy with the results.

3)  I wrote a narrative NF that I am happy with – it was hard to write, but the results are great…now I justneed to finish it.

4)  I think some of the “whatever” stuff I have written can result in something – what IDK, but maybe a story down the road.

So, a few flowers for me to focus on.  Beats concentrating on the weeds!!!

How about you guys?  What kind of progress have you made?


6 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, 5/27: Stuck in the Mud

  1. “But, in the weeds of my words, I did manage to find the beginnings of a few flowers.”

    Ooooh, I love that! I think that sometimes the hardest thing is making yourself work even when the words aren’t flowing – keep it going!

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