Well, I am off to Disneyland to chaparone a band trip…  But I couldn’t leave without letting you know about some fun things happening on the blog next week… 

Get-Known-Before-the-Book-DChristina Katz is back for a little Q&A about platform building.  

As most of you guys know, platform building is the key to readership and getting known BEFORE the book deal.  Platform building is not limited to nonfiction writers.  It is becoming more and more necessary for fiction authors as well.

To help all of us understand a bit more on how to build a platform, stop by next week and see what a leading expert has to say on the subject. 

And if you haven’t read Christina’s book Getting Known Before the Book Deal, you should.  It changed how I looked at platform building.  

As an added bonus, Christina will be sticking around the blog to answer some questions.

So be sure to stop by next week.  I’ll post all of the deets on Monday.


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