j04394661Last week of school!!!  Only a few more days and I can officially start my summer.  I am planning to put in some serious work on my newest project, as well as complete revisions on two books and send out my book proposal for my NF, niche book.  Whew.

But all of that is in the future…what about now?  What did I accomplish this week?

Actually, it was a pretty good week in a lot of ways.  Both with writing, and with real life (amazing how closely tied those things are, isn’t it!).  I managed to write a few words, read a lot of words, deal with some real life stuff and find my creative muse (who, I am happy to say, did not go into hiding again)

 So, here is the breakdown of my accomplishments this week:

1)  Revised/rewrote 2 of 24 chapters in CHAOS WITHIN.  Wrote a “plan” for the balance of that book, as well as AGENT OF CHAOS.

2) Outlined book three of the trilogy (very loosely)

3) Major break through on newest project, FORBIDDEN REDEMPTION (working title).  The breakthrough resulted in a  lot of research for the early part of the story (which I am happy to say I finished).  I also outlined the story, and figured out the beginning.  I wound up scrapping most of what I had already written – or at least, I will move it to a much later part of the book.  All in all, I can’t wait to start writing this story!

4) Finally, my Betas finished the sample chapters on my NF book dealing with the social/emotional development of gifted children.  The feedback was great and I think I’m ready to finish the book proposal and get it out there.

All in all, a very productive week!

How about you guys?  Did you met your goals?  Did you make any forward progress?


5 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, June 10

  1. I read four books. I just finished another one this morning. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and revising and stuff too. I’m going to have to take a step back though, because my girl’s camp is coming up, and eeeeep! I’m not ready to go. Hopefully, I can still squeeze in some stuff.

    Good progress! You’ve done a lot!

  2. Great progress! That’s so much to have done even with all the crazy stuff you’ve had going on!

    I bet it was all that sleeping on the keyboard thing right? Keyboard totally just “absorbed” all your words didn’t it? I toldja! ;D

  3. I just want to see into your brain so I can figure out how to multitask as brilliantly as you do. Seriously, to be at different stages in so many projects and be able to keep them all straight is amazing to me, who besides the writing prompt shorts can’t focus on anything but my one WIP.

  4. Elana – have fun with your girls camp!

    Windy – Thanks, some how it doesn’t feel like much progress though!

    Kate – HAHA…I’ve been told that I multi-task really well. IDK though, I don’t “feel” like I do…more like my mind goes a million miles an hour and never really slows down. I just have to hang on for the ride, yanno!

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