Last night on Twitter, Colleen Lindsay and a few others started a session of #askagent – a time when we writers can ask questions and they answer them.  Although I always read the questions and answers, I seldom ask anything.  Until last night.

The question was simple: Where is YA trending?  The answers started off talking about being grittier, edgier, and with a strong voice.  No surprises right.  But, that changed over the course of the next few posts.

Jennifer Laughran piped in and advised that writers shouldn’t worry about trends – just write a great book, with something unique, and start their own trend.  Great advice, right.

And then came Colleen Lindsay  – who said my favorite quote of the night:

Don’t write to a trend; write the best goddamned book you can and start your own trend.

Thank you Colleen for reminding all of us that it is about writing a great book!!!  This quote really made my week.  In a industry where we spend time not only writing, but trying to figure out a business on the cusp of enormous change, it is so hard to remember the fundamentals – that it always starts with great writing.  So that is where I am spending most of my time…writing the best book I possibly can.  

What about you guys?  Have you seen any great quotes on TWITTER?


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Quote…a la TWITTER

  1. Also from last night’s #askagen session in regards to your question when Jennifer Laughran said “There’s always a market for AWESOME.”

    So really, let’s all just write the best most awesome books we can. Yes?

  2. Yeah..I was on there. Have you been querying yet, Christine? Yeesh. It’s so SILENT it’s scary. This is my third book and agents were pouncing on me ten months ago. But now—crickets, crickets, crickets.

  3. I love that quote from Colleen. I never quite understood why someone would write to a trend. It seems to me writers should write what’s on their heart.


  4. This theme of writing your own book seems to be everywhere. Beth said it in her interview on QT. Jessica Faust said it on her blog. It must be the new trend!

  5. Windy – I loved that quote too. And yes, lets just focus on writing amazing books!!!

    Elana – that is so true. When I read the interview on QT I was thinking the same thing!

    Hey JustWrite – you found my blog…WOOT WOOT!!! And yes, crickets in the inbox like crazy. Drives me NUTS. So I just keep writing.

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