lunaOkay, so I was watching movies this weekend with the kids, and we started talking about some of our favorite characters in movies and books.  Somehow the conversation turned to side-kicks.  You know, the sub characters in the story.  Like the Rhino the hamster  in BOLT, or Templeton the rat in Charlotte’s Web. 

These characters provide necessary transitions, and a layer of depth (and maybe even provide some comic relief).  Here’s a very brief list of my favorites:

  • Colin Creevey  or Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter (of book and movie fame)
  • Alfred, the butler in the Batman series
  • Rue, from the Hunger Games

You get the picture.

But what makes a good secondary character?  I think it starts with the role of that character to the plot itself.  Next, its the level of importance of that character to the protagonist.  Both of these things can make the sub character either someone we remember…or, all to often, someone we are quick to forget.

So, let me ask you, who are your FAVORITE sub-characters and why?  What makes them memorable to you?


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