WIPAnother week, another Wednesday.  But this time I have actual progress to report.  And a lot of it!!!  I started working on the new WiP.  Think Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare) meets Romeo and Juliet, with a strong redemption theme also thrown in.  I am toying with a few titles and found this quote from Mozart’s Requiem (the Lacrimosa section)  that I really love:

“That day of tears and mourning, when from the ashes shall arise

all humanity to be judged”

I have finished about 6000 words.  And it is compeltely outlined, so I am guessing I’ll get a lot done this week.  It’s in third person, something that’s new for me – so I have also been doing some reading to get my “voice” where it needs to be.

As for revisions – not a lot to report there.  I’m holding steady at 2 chapters.  But a good friend has motivated me to work on it over the weekend.

And the NF book – yeah, I have done nothing…though I got some uber-cool quotes to use in the proposal from some of my Betas…so that is something, right.

How about you guys…what kind of progress have you made?


8 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, June 17

  1. I’m so excited for your wip!

    Me, well I FINISHED! my wip. But I realized I only had another 6,000 words since last week, not the 15K I was expecting.

    Yay for progress!

  2. Congratulations! Wish I could say the same for us, but we are still rut stuck. Doing a lot of reading though, so let’s just call it research, shall we? Fabulous.

  3. Windy – I think finishing is the most exciting and scariest moment…even with rewrites!

    Elana – if only the 6000 words included a solid beginning – then I would feel better about July.

    Rebecca – I think the quote is pretty cool, too

    Lisa – I would definitely call reading research.

  4. I am always amazed and impressed by how much writing you get done each week, even on weeks when you don’t think you’ve written that much.
    Having a whole book outlined… now that is something I dream of.

  5. Kate – I don’t know about “zip” along…but I definitely have a good sense of direction on it. So hopefully…

    Annie – Thanks. I really don’t feel like I have accomplished all that much!

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