big-wave1This is my first, full week of summer.  YAY!!!  And as such, I thought I’d take a break from posts about writing and talk about real life for a moment (and yes, I do actually have a life outside of writing). 

Since I work on a school schedule, I use my breaks – all of my breaks – as times to rebalance my life.  You know, catch up on the BIG chores, like cleaning the windows and steaming the carpet, ply with my girls, have more date-nights with my husband, and yes, write.

Summer break, in particular, allows me the space and time I need to rejuvenate completely.  I am an early riser, so I still wake early in the morning.  But I don’t rush through the day as I ordinarily do.  Instead, I read for an hour or so, tidy up a few things, enjoy breakfast out by the pool, meditate, exercise, write…all of the things I know I should do everyday, but typically don’t.

I know most people aren’t afforded the luxury of 6 weeks off in a row.  Even most of my friends in education work during the summer.  Yet, all of us still need to find ways to rejuvenate.

So, I ask you, how do you stay in balance in this crazy world we live in?  What keeps your life running somewhat smoothly?  And when you have time to relax – really relax – what do you do?

Happy summer all!!!


3 thoughts on “Summertime Fun…

  1. I think I’ve thrown myself in anxiousness so much, that I sometimes forget how to relax. :o)

    I applaud you for your motivation and determination, like the whole big chore thing. Even though I’m a stay-at-home mom, I never seem to be able to push myself to get even the simple things done, let along the big projects.

    I envy people with that sort of balance in their lives.


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