Fallen_angelAs promised, here is a little tease of my shiny new project LACRIMOSA (working title), a Romeo and Juliet meets Mortal Instruments YA urban fantasy:

He swallowed hard, opening his mouth the speak the words that would break every rule he vowed to uphold. “Leave with me. Tonight. Leave this and stay with me forever.”

Elsa was shocked. She didn’t know what to say. He answered her prayers. He asked her to be with him. But now that the words were spoken aloud – now that her very own dreams seemed to come to life, she panicked. She wasn’t ready to leave her family in shame. She wasn’t ready to be hunted as an adulterer. “Adam, I can’t. I want to. It’s what I have prayed for. But-”

“Then come. We’ll leave. Live somewhere where no one can find us.” But he knew that he could always be found. And the Council would come after him.

The sky darkened, and the forest became a mass of shadow.

Elsa pulled her self away from Adam and took a few steps backwards. “I can’t be with you. I have to go.” She turned and ran, deeper into the forest. She needed to think – away from her family. Away from Adam. Away from everything.

 The forest was dark now, clouds blotting out the sun completely and turning the world as gray as her heart felt. Tears blurred her vision as she pushed further.

“Elsa,” Adam screamed. With her gone, his unworldly senses heightened. And he knew danger was in the forest with them. The worst kind of danger.


Stay tuned for more fun pieces of this story.

Any of you ready to share what you’ve been working on?


5 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday…Shiny new project

  1. We are working on a couple of synopsises (synopsi?) for the agent and we’re going to let her pick which project she feels would be more marketable. I’m so excited to start a project with Major Agent’s seal of approval. I think this will finally break us out of our submissions induced rut!

  2. Lisa – that is brilliant…good luck and let me know which one you wind up working on.

    Rebecca – I is a fun project – very different than my other things.

    Michelle – YAY!!!I am so glad your hooked…and your heart should break for them…into a million pieces by the end!

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