Weeks never pass as quickly – and as deliberately – as they do during summer vacation.  This was a good week all around.  So here are a few highlights:

  • Redid my Books section on the blog…check it out sometime
  • Finished my NF book proposal (felt as giddy as I do when I finish a ms)
  • Wrote about 15K in my new WiP…and I love this story
  • Found out I get an extra week of summer off from my job  (Now THAT is like winning the LOTTERY!!!)
  • Watched countless movies with the kids ( free movies in the summer are AWESOME)
  • Actually got some things on the large To-Do list finished (Steamed the carpets – woo hoo).
  • Finished a couple of books (more on that next week)

So, a good week all the way around.  I wonder what next week will bring?

How was your week?


5 thoughts on “Friday Already?

  1. Yay to all your accomplishments!

    My week … not nearly as productive … RL, gets ya every time! Thanks for the help so far, btw! Totally appreciate it.

  2. I’m very impressed about the steaming of the carpets. That does not sound fun.
    Hooray for an extra week of summer! I predict many words will be written in that week.

  3. Windy – I am here to help anytime *wink*

    Annie – yeah, not loving the carpets too much. I’m pretty excited about the extra time too!!!

    Next week, I get to wash windows and clean the screens…go me (I think)!

  4. Yay on your accomplishments :D! If I had a pool and vacation time like you do, I somehow think I’d be less productive ;).

    I just finished reading WONDROUS STRANGE and really enjoyed it. I’m excited to hear what you read!

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