WIPHappy WiP Thursday.  I know, I know – this post is a day late.  Blog Chain posts can do throw things off sometimes. 

It has been an interesting week.  I finished my NF book proposal (see Monday’s post for more about that), and another chapter in Walking on the Rim of the Volcano, leaving that project about 30% completed.

I have also been working on revisions of Chaos Within.  I got a crazy idea that I simply “needed” to weave into the storyline – and I am so happy I did.  So, I spent the better part of last week revising.  I managed to get about 25% of the book revised at this point, and hope to finish revisions this month.  Then it is off to Betas.

My current WiP, Lacrimosa,  has been a bit neglected, staying around 25% completed since last week.  I hope to start back on it next week.

I know it is strange working on these projects at once – but actually, I’m not.  At least not really.  I work on one project until I get stuck.  Then, while that project is getting “unstuck” in my head, I work on something else – like a diversion (another project), etc, etc.  I have to focus strictly on one project when I am getting close to finishing, or when I am using something for a crit group.  My group is starting back up in a few weeks, so I will be full steam ahead with the WiP by then (thus the reason I’d like to finish revisions on Chaos Within before then).

The exception to the way I work is NF books.  I can write those at anytime.  It is a really different process for me – and similar to the things I write in my job.

Other than writing, I have been doing a lot of reading.  Check in tomorrow to see what I have managed to read over the past couple of weeks.

How about you guys?  Making good progress?  Are you able to work on different projects at once – do you even think that is wise?


4 thoughts on “WiP Thursday???

  1. I am so with you on the NF stuff. I can work on those anytime – when my kids are jumping all over me and making noise, morning, afternoon, night. I can sit down and just work on it and it’s not a problem. With fiction, I need to concentrate a little more.

    I’ve also noticed that fiction seems to be easier to write by hand, while I have a hard time doing NF by hand. Weird. But hey, whatever works for each 😀

    I jump back and forth between projects also. A lot of times, I’ll work on the NF when I have time during the day, like now…my kids are watching Dora the Explorer, so I am working on a NF chapter (hehe along with checking blogs) 😀 And I’ll work on my fiction WIP later this afternoon when they are gone and tonight when they are asleep.

    Or I do what you do, switch to other projects when I get stuck on something. Not thinking about whatever you are stuck on is a great way to get unstuck 🙂 Great post and awesome progress!

  2. We just sent off three shiny little synopsis to Major Agent for her reading pleasure. Can’t wait to see which one she decides we should start working on!

  3. I like the Un-Stuck method. I should do this instead of just quitting altogether. I have always been able to work on more than one project at a time, so I don’t find this odd at all. At least you’re doing SOMEthing! Keep it up!

  4. Michelle – I can’t write anything by hand – my mind works too fast. I have a hard enough time typing fast enough (thus the typos). I have used a digital recorder – that sometimes works for me.

    Lisa – Oohhhh – can’t wait to hear what you get to work on.

    Elana – I learned that unstuck method from my FAVORITE crit partner…(*wink*)

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