WIPHere we are – another WiP Wednesday.  These weeks are zooming by, aren’t they?  I managed to get a little writing done over the past week – but I do mean only a little.  Most of my time was spent rewriting, reading, critiquing…oh, and angsting. 

That’s right, angsting. 

So, it got me thinking…why does this whole writing process feel like a rollercoaster ride?  I mean, one minute you’re up, then you’re down – you have something to write, then you have nothing – and so forth, and so on. 

The more I thought of the ups and downs of this process, the more I starting thinking about the entire journey.  And then I remembered one of my favorite cliches – “Life is a journey, not a destination.” 

I think this applies to writing as well.

In fact, I have a funny little story that really illustrates this point for me.  Bear with me, I promise it’s short…

Several years ago a close friend was in Maui.  He took the road to Hana, excited to see what the excitement was all about.  He drove as fast as he could along the Hana Highway, across the 56 bridges, around the 600 turns and past the countless waterfalls, determined to make the 68 mile drive in under two hours. 

When he finally drove into the small town of Hana, he looked around shocked.  The town was, well, UNimpressive.  

“Hey, you lied to me, ” he started when he called me after looking around the really small town.  “There’s nothing here.  Why did you tell me I had to do this?”

“What?” I asked.  “Didn’t you see the waterfalls, or the bamboo forest,or the rainbow eucalyptus trees?”

The line was silent. 

Finally after a few moments my friend cleared his throat.  “You mean I was supposed to look at the rain forest?  That was the point of the trip?”

Needless to say I laughed – and still do.  His story illustrated so perfectly the whole “life is a journey” thing for me.

And now that I’m experiencing this rollercoaster ride as I try to forge a path from writing to publication, I am again reminded that while my goal is in publication,  I will learn far more from the journey then the destination.  That is, if I remember to pay attention.

For me, this process – this e-ticket ride – is all about the things I’m learning, the friendships I’m forging, and the journey itself.   

So while I have not reached my writing goals this week – in fact, I am struggling to write anything right now – I’m actually not upset.  It is merely another curve on my personal road to becoming a published author.

How about you guys?  How was your writing week?


5 thoughts on “WiP Wedsnesday, July 22…or the Road to Hana

  1. Dude, this is my post for tomorrow! Can I just link to yours? I think your story is better than mine. Well, I don’t really have a story…but yeah. This is definitely better.

    It is about the journey. Not just writing and trying to get published, but life as well.

    Great job! 🙂

  2. This is another reason I’m glad to be writing again and backing away from querying for a while. During the query process I totally lose focus of the journey, and just wish I could teleport to publication or something. But I am learning so much along the way. Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll see a waterfall…

  3. Writing is one of those tricky things that you just can’t force. At least that’s what we’ve learned. We’ve been trying to write something new since June and we’ve just now finally found a project that’s sticking for us. Who knows if it was the projects we were attempting or just submissions blues? Anyways, great advice here. Enjoy the journey, read a good book. The great thing about writing is that it’s always ready when you are.

  4. Awesome story! I think the hardest time to enjoy the journey is during querying, which is where I am right now. Yes there are waterfalls moments, but there are also the huge ruts of rejection that rattle your whole body every time you drive over one no matter how much you brace yourself for them.

  5. Elana – weird twin thing strikes again *wink*

    Tereliz and KAte – you guys both nailed it…the whole query process always makes me forget the journey piece. And yep, I hate the rejections – even though I know it is all part of the game

    Lisa – you are so right…you can’t force writing! It’s like the Twain quote about books having to be ready to be written..

    Thanks you guys.

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