eaglenebula-sAfter a very busy weekend, and the jolt of reality that I’m due back at work in a couple of weeks, I decided to spend the next few weeks playing.  So, I will be stepping back from my online activities for a week or so. 

Since I didn’t want to leave you guys completely hanging, I made a little video featuring the most amazing pictures of nebulae, super novas, solar flares and galaxies.  These pictures always put me in the mood to contemplate the meaning of life.  The music for the clip is the Lacrimosa from Mozart’s Requiem – and yes, that is also the name of my current WiP. 


Enjoy the week, and I will see you in August…


3 thoughts on “A little inspiration while I am away.

  1. Very cool! Ever since a short stint in the astronomy dept. at ASU, I’ve been fascinated with all the mysteries of the universe. Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your break!

  2. I love Mozart’s Requiem and astronomy. What a great combination! happy contemplating! i hope you enjoyed your break!

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