lucyToday official starts my trek back to work.  After six glorious weeks off, I am spending today setting up two new offices for new assignment.  I am still working in Middle Schools – so that part is the same.  But after being at the same school for 12 years, I can honestly say I’m a little freaked out today.

As you know, I spent last week off-line – trying to renew my spirit a little before the school year began.  I kept in touch with a few of you (because seriously,  I would go crazy if I didn’t get my “fix” of my closest friends at least a few times in the week), and spent my time either playing or writing. 

Playing consisted of beach time, lounging by the pool time, and hanging out with the family.  Writing consisted of the new WiP – editing, deleting,  rewriting and writing a few shiny new words.

I found that as the time off-line increased, my internal muse started to feel more alive – comforted by not having to race around reading blogs, and commenting.  Or working on my social networking sites.  Or thinking about the business end of writing.   I was able to think only about writing.

Sure, I had to really force myself NOT to stress over being published – not to incessantly check emails, not to panic that I would never, ever be published, not worry that somehow the social networking parade was going on without me.  But, after a couple of days I was okay with just focusing on writing.  In fact, by the end of the break (after a few periods on the ledge), I rememberedwhy I really LOVE writing.  And I came back from break both physically and creatively renewed.

Now I feel like I can go back to work, figure out how to balance the triad of writing, working and family without losing my mind.  

My muse is renewed!

So what about you guys?  How do you renew when things spiral out of control?  Do you ever find yourself stressing over the business end of writing?  Lay it on me – I LOVE hearing from you guys.


8 thoughts on “My Muse is Renewed

  1. Man, I’m a ball of stress. When it gets to me, I shut the computer and lay on the couch. Reading, movies, going to the pool with the kids, playing tennis, whatever. And I try not to think too much about it.

  2. I turn off the computer (or at least walk away). I read, take my kids to the zoo, go to Costco, do yard work. Pretty much anything ELSE that could take my mind off things for a while.

  3. We missed you! I’m glad your muse is up and running on all cylindars ;).

    I get stressed, too. The task of “keeping up” can be very daunting. I try to budget time in my day, but I think sometimes we all need breaks to keep our lives balanced.

  4. I always read or watch trashy TV when I’m feeling stressed. Blogging helps too. Or finding a new beta reader. I’m finding that getting feedback of any kind helps a lot when you’re waiting around to hear back from publishing folk.

  5. In the summer, I love taking a drive in the country to relieve stress. In the winter, a big dish of M&Ms usually does the trick. 🙂

  6. Rebecca – I missed you too!

    Lisa – Lovetrashy TV, seriously. And if you ever need a reader – let me know 😀

    Elana – you stressed…no wai!

    Kat – Mmm, M&M’s sound SO good.

    Windy – I have to turn off the computer too!

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