creative writing promptHere it is, the 6th day of August and I just realized that I NEVER WROTE my flash fiction piece from Kate’s prompt.  So, it is a little late, but here you go.

Kate challenged us to write something inspired by music.  To make it more interesting, she wanted it to be a true piece of flash fiction consisting of no more than 1000 words.  So mine is really short – under 500 words short.

But I LOVE the story idea, so eventually I’ll grow this into something.

 The music I choose was Blue October’s Hate Me.  Not the radio version, but the long version with the drawn out dialogue in the beginning.  Most people think this song is about a girl…but trust me, when you listen to the lyrics of the longer version, and watch the video (at the end of this post) – you realize what the song is really about. 

I like to try out different writing styles and such on these exercises, too.  So this is a different kind of story for me.  Hope you like it.  


I sit, my head in my lap, staring at the recorder, hearing her voice.  I knew she’d call, she always called.  And I never answer.   The home movie played on computer – images of a happier time.  A happier me.  A time when I didn’t hurt people.

When I wasn’t crazy.

I sit, listening and watching.  Watching and listening.  Everything blending together, a garbled mess that tangles in my thoughts.

“What did you think was going to happen?  You told her you hated her.  You blamed her.  How was she supposed to respond?”

I turn my head towards the sound.  He sits by me.  So real.

“Go away.  You’re not supposed to be here.”

“Why? ‘Cause the doctor says so?”

“’Cause I say so.”

“But you don’t mean it.  You never mean it.  Which is why I never leave.”

I walk away from myself, unwilling to listen.  Too afraid not to.

“So what am I supposed to do?”  I ask the question, already knowing the answer.  Already packed.  Already gone.

He says nothing to me.  Just sits there.  Too quiet.

“It’ll kill her.”

“You’re already killing her.”

“I could go back – take their medicine, listen to their doctors.”

“She’d like that.”

Until I stop.  Like I always do.

I turn off the computer, deleting the movie.  It isn’t real.  Not anymore.  The recorder goes into the trash, her voice too much now.

And I pace – the decision made.  But I can’t go through with it.  Can’t leave.  I need her too much.  And she needs me, somehow.


I ignore him.  Just like the doctor said to.  But he’s still there.

Forever there.

I close the blinds, empty the trash, erase my life.

And I leave.

No goodbye letters, nothing to remember me by.

I just leave.

Key in the ignition, I start the engine and drive.

Past my thoughts.

Past my memories.

Past my life.

I stop in front of her house.  Just one glimpse before I leave.  One image to burn into my mind.

She walks past the open window, her laughter echoing into my heart.  Hurting me.

It’s too much.

“Sorry, Mom,” I whisper.

And I drive away, a tear rolling down my face. Forever gone.

Michelle is doing a prompt for August, I think.  Check it out – these are a great way to exercise our creative writing muscles!


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