WIPI can’t believe it is time for another WiP Wednesday.  As most of you know by now, I now have an agent for my nonfiction project.  I have also recently started back at work fulltime.  Between the two, I have had to juggle my writing time a bit.  To complicate things a little more (like I really want that), I need to plan out another blog and website to support the nonfiction project I am doing.

All of this means a serious reorganization of my writing time/priorities. 

Last week I spent a lot of time of Lacrimosa and several flash fiction pieces for a few contests.  I still have two pieces to finish up for contests and submission, but the bulk of my time is now being spent on the nonfiction project.  I am hoping to have that manuscript finished this month.  I still work on Lacrimosa (I post 15 pages a week for my critique partners on this), but my nonfiction has my time commitment for now.

How about you guys?  Any progress to report?


5 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday…Seriously?

  1. Even when you’re juggling your writing time, you still get a lot done.
    I’m still deleting my current wip. I think it’s gonna be another week or two till I’m done with that.

  2. Doing some fine tuning on stuff… and have just finished the first 3 Holly Black faery books.

    I read WAY more when I travel & don’t have a preschooler & toddler fighting for my attention.

  3. I’m done with rewrites. I’m done with revisions. I’ve read and reread without changing anything. I’m crafting my query, researching agents. Bring on the next step.

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