We’ve all them…those days when life beats us down.  Either we yell at a co-worker, make someone upset, take on the weight of the world, get in trouble with the boss  – the list goes on and on.

But what do we do when that happens?

I turn to my friends, family and yes, my writing, to pull me out of those moments.  The people in my life – online and in person – help me refocus and let go of whatever is bugging me.  If it was something I did that contributed to the bad day, they help me put it all in perspective.

My writing allows both an escape and a cathartic release – because of course I am going to use my pent up emotions in some scene!

A wonderful friend once reminded me that the rough days help to provide a frame of reference for the good days…a way of defining things.  I happen to agree with this.  It is these more challenging moments that give me perspective in my life – and force me to grow.

Not to mention a lot of great food for my emotional scenes.

So the next time it is a rough day, remember to frame it in the right context – and be thankful.  The things you’re struggling through may give you exactly what you need later.

How do you cope with “those” days?


7 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Laughing and helping others. Those two things keep me from focusing on my own problems and, certainly, remembering that it’s the bad days that help us grow and become more compassionate, which in turn makes us better writers. I completely agree with your assessment. 🙂

  2. Great point about saving those up as a framework for your good days :). Also, I hadn’t really thought about storing those feelings up for emotional scenes later on… hmmm. Maybe I should journal when I’m feeling particularly pissy, so I can copy and paste later on ;)?

    On my bad days, I turn to this: http://www.randomkittengenerator.com/.

    I can’t stay sad/upset/irritated while looking at randomly generated kitten pictures.

  3. Usually a good run on the elliptical helps for me.

    I love what your friend said about rough days giving a frame of reference to the good ones. That’s certainly something to take to heart.

  4. I call a girlfriend and go for coffee or wine (read that as whine while wining). Other than that, I love to sit on the couch with my daughters or hubby and watch some other mindless,comedy t.v. show. Reading a book is good, but sitting under the stars in the jacuzzi is very calming and makes life easier to sort out.

  5. Honestly, I always feel a little better after I blog. Not only does it help me work through some of the tough spots mentally, I also end up hearing from friends and readers, and that’s what really makes my day. If there are people out there that are willing to read and comment on your daily ramblings, life really can’t be that terrible, right?

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