WIPHappy Wednesday everyone.   It has been a productive couple of weeks for me – despite my word count that seems permanently set at 20K.  You see, I have completely changed the format, tense and plot structure of Lacrimosa.  So much so, that although most of the scenes are remaining, the order has changed and the writing is different.  None of this is a bad thing – in  fact I am loving this story.  But it does mean a lot of deleting.

So for every 5K I write, I seem to delete 5K as well. 

I was joking with on of my online buds the other day saying that I have actually written more than 50K if we counted all of the deleted scenes!

Okay – so on to progress…

Emotionally Intense– I have finished another chapter, putting me at almost 50% complete.  YAY!  My goal is to be finished in the next few weeks.

Lacrimosa – This book is structured into three acts.  I am one chapter from finishing the first act (about 36% complete overall).  The remaining acts are outlined, so I am hoping the writing will be faster.  Plus, I am nearly finished with the crazy delete-fest.  Whew!  I have included a very short little teaser for you at the end of this post.

Other Projects– LOL, like I need more to wok on now that school is back in session.  None-the-less I do have more to report. 

  •  First, I am completely rewriting the Chaos Trilogy.  I’ve changed several things and a rewrite is the only way to do it.  I am hoping to work on it once I finish Lacrimosa.
  • I recently entered a few contests, and will be entering a few more this weekend (trying to get in before the 8/31 deadline).  So I have those projects to polish up a bit.

I guess that’s all….

So – here is the little tease I offered up:

This is from my current WiP, Lacrimosa (and yes Kate, I like the name too).  I don’t want to give much away – but suffice it to say it is a fallen angel story with a twist.


            Aydan couldn’t think straight, his rage squeezing the air from the space around him.  He needed to get away from Azza and his expectations.  Away from the Dark Ones and their constant demands.  Away from his own existence.    

            He stormed off, an image of the girl that had started this burned into his thoughts.  Nesy.  Why was she vexing him?  He looked down the stone stairwell that led to the upper terrace of this part of the park.  Her face seemed to be on every stone.  Following him.  Whispering to him.

            Taunting him. 

            Each step increased his agitation until he knew the slightest thing would cause him to explode.  He pushed on, desperate to outrun the she-devil.  A light hand brushed his skin as he started up the stairs.  He spun around.  A deep primal scream ripped from his throat and split the silence.  His human form dropped to the hard cement revealing the black bat-like wings and clawed hands of the UnHoly.  He grew to his seven foot frame, his body composed of muscle and flesh stretched too thin over his bony skeleton.  Penetrating amber eyes were all that remained of his human form.  

            Another howl – not Aydan’s – pierced the night air.  “You will yield to me!” Azza bellowed. 

            The Master towered over Aydan, wings and claws extended.  He gnashed his sharp fangs at his young apprentice.  Aydan knew what he expected – submission. 

            But Aydan had different ideas.  He charged forward, blinded by his own anger and shame, the memories of his fall surfacing from the deep abyss of his thoughts.  He threw his shoulder into Azza, his claws ripping through his master’s flesh. 

Stay tuned for more about this story.

How was your week???


8 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday, 8/26 (and a little tease…)

  1. You guys really know how to make a girl feel REALLY REALLY GOOD. I ❤ this story so much, so I am glad you guys do to!!!

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